ADHD in children symptoms

They say that hyperactive kids are the squeaky wheel that gets to have the grease. Kids are normally active. This is the reason why it is somehow difficult to determine if his being active is not normal anymore. When this being active becomes beyond what is acceptable, and then the child might be suffering from ADHD.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is the shortened term for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. It is a mental disorder that is commonly seen in children. If this condition will not be treated. It can lead to various problems like poor social relationships. Poor school work or performance, and overall, low self-esteem. This too may branch out many problems.

The truth is that this condition is real. Whenever one has it, he will have poor attention. He will always be distracted. There are even instances when he would elicit impulsive behaviors. The reason for this is because of the brain’s sending and receiving of information.

How to know when a child has it?

There are various ways to detect if a child is suffering from ADHD. Most of the time, this condition can be detected a child enters school.

The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that abnormalities in behavior and attention stand out when there is an established, structured setting.

Just think of a classroom with kids who cannot afford to sit still, or even just a room filled with kids who cannot seem to listen. These are the kids who do not follow instructions no matter how the instructions were clearly presented to them.

Blurting out inappropriate comments at not-so-good times can also signify that a person has one.

Usually, hyperactive kids are described as those who are bouncing off the wall, disobedient, disruptive, troublemakers, and disrespectful. At times they may appear very bright, but then, a parent would feel that his or her child has one because the kid cannot be controlled.

He is indeed out of control. Impulsiveness would have to be the proper term to describe this. The child finds it hard to sit or wait for his turn. It is like acting before thinking.

The Other Side

Now, the above mentioned is just one side of the condition. There are instances when a child manifests opposite the given symptoms. These are the inattentive kids. They are often referred to as the invisible silent sufferers. There is the same deficiency in here.

The problem has something to do with their neurotransmitters. There is something wrong and not normal with the processing system of the brain. The potential and performance are somehow disconnected. However, the manifestation is very different from the usual.

Kids who suffer from this are those who are well-behaved. They are quiet and introverted. It is like having their own world. They are slow, lazy, easily bored, socially awkward, irresponsible and at times, helpless. They do not attract negative reactions. It seems that they are paying attention. But then, they have trouble speaking up. These are the signs.

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